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Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 1, Chapter 3 --- Jesus is Your Friend

Once the children experience the love of God and have had the opportunity to ponder Christ's saving work, we want to invite them to respond. While adults and older youth have the capacity to make a choice to follow Christ, younger children can make commitments that are more appropriate for their age. In this next section, the children will have an opportunity to respond to Jesus' invitation to friendship.

We begin by repeating the theme of happiness and reminding them of God's personal love and the gift of His Son, Jesus. The children are invited to consider being friends with Jesus and to respond with their "Yes" through a simple commitment prayer.

The lesson concludes by teaching children how to share the Good News of Jesus with others. By virtue of our Baptism, we are called to evangelize. It is important to lay this foundation at an early age. The final activity gives the children the language by which to proclaim the kerygma themselves. Children can be encouraged to introduce their friends to Jesus and share what they have experienced and learned.