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Third Grade

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 3, Chapter 1 --- Jesus is Your Shepherd

Have you ever played with a puppy? Puppies are so cute! They give lots of kisses and will follow you around wherever you go. They make great pets because they're lovable and can grow to be loyal companions. The love that you share with a puppy is happily returned and never runs out! In a similar way, God's love for you never runs out! Today, we're going to talk about how much God loves you and how special you are to Him.

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 3, Chapter 2 --- Jesus is Your Shepherd

Sometimes, people make bad choices and disobey God. A deliberate choice to disobey God is called sin. Sin is like running away from God. When we sin, it hurts our friendship with God and other people. Sin makes people greedy. It often leads to arguments, and then leaves people feeling sad and lonely. When we are mean and selfish to our friends, it hurts our friendship. The same is true with God

Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 3, Chapter 3 --- Jesus is Your Shepherd

Sometimes we can distance ourselves from God by making bad choices. But God always gives us opportunities to make things right. We can restore our friendship with God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This sacrament is a gift to us because Jesus stands ready to forgive us when we are sorry for our sins. We can also strengthen our friendship with God by going to Mass every week and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.