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Adventure Catechism Lesson 07 - What are the Ten Commandments?

Learn how and why God gave us these commandments to live and serve Him by, and the blessings they bring upon every life as we obey them.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 08 - What are the Two Great Commandments?

Jesus spoke about the two commandments which, if followed, will help us fulfill all the remaining ones.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 09 - What is Prayer?

From an early age, children learn many prayers by heart, but how do these prayers bring us into a relationship with God? What other kinds of prayers are there?

Adventure Catechism Lesson 17 - What is Baptism?

Let your heart be filled with gratitude as you learn about this amazing sacrament that cleanses us from original sin, and makes us members of Christ and His great, big family!

Adventure Catechism Lesson 20 - How to Make a Good Confession

We know it's a necessary part of our life and growth in Jesus, but how do we go about making a good examination of conscience and a good confession?

Adventure Catechism Lesson 22 - What is the Act of Contrition?

Understand what it means to be contrite, and how important a role humility plays in the forgiveness of sin.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 23 - What is Confirmation?

Just as the Apostles received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and were empowered to change the world, the Sacrament of Confirmation bestows on us the grace to do the same.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 24 - What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

We aren't always aware of the amazing graces that God has made available for us in Baptism and Confirmation. Understand the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and experience God's power in our daily lives!

Adventure Catechism Lesson 25 - What are the Virtues?

The more we practice the virtues, the better our walk with God and others will be! Learn about the cardinal virtues and how they guide our actions.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 26 - What Is Matrimony?

Children will gain understanding as to how Holy Matrimony makes a man and woman one as husband and wife, and prepares them to face life together in unity with God.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 27 - What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

Some people are called to be an instrument of God among His people. Learn about this important sacrament, and the role holy priests play in the Church.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 28 - What is the Anointing of the Sick?

Learn how God provides for His people when we are very sick or when our life is coming to an end. A beautiful understanding of God's great compassion and mercy.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 29 - What are the Beatitudes?

Jesus' teaching on the way to live a happy life and the promises of God are a powerful reminder of heavenly values and the reality of eternal life.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 30 - What is a Vocation?

God prepares a path before us, and we can find it when we give ourselves to Him. Learn all about vocations, and how to understand God's will in our life.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 31 - What is the Mass?

An inspirational and instructive presentation on how the Eucharist came to be instituted, why the Mass is important, and what happens as we celebrate it, both in the visible and the invisible.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 32 - What is the Liturgical Calendar?

Unfolding the events of Christ's life and experiencing God's presence through the Liturgical Year of feasts and holy days is one of the great gifts of the Church. This episode sheds light on why.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 33 - What is Lent?

We observe it every year, but how many people really know what it is and how to prepare for it? This visual explanation will equip families to experience one of the most beautiful seasons of faith that draws us to a greater understanding of God's great love for humanity.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 34 - What is the Easter Season?

Easter is not just one day, but an entire season. The resurrection of Jesus is a point in time that changed history, and we celebrate its power with the joyous season of Easter.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 36 - What is the Communion of Saints?

Learn about the vast community of God's people, encompassing those on earth, in heaven, and purgatory. Children will marvel at how vast God's reign is, at the help available to us, and the help we can be to others.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 37 - What is the Domestic Church?

We celebrate Mass and our faith at church, but we live it all day, every day, at work and at home. Discover the great impact and blessing that faith has in the lives of all family members when Christ is made part of our household.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 38 - What are the Four Marks of the Church?

One-Holy-Catholic-Apostolic. Why are these four words used to describe the Church? What is their meaning and why is it important for us today?

Adventure Catechism Lesson 39 - What is the Christmas Season?

While most of the world are ending their Christmas celebrations, Catholics begin their time of rejoicing. Find out what the Christmas season is really all about and why we celebrate it for many days after Christmas Day.

Adventure Catechism Lesson 40 - What is the Second Coming?

Throughout His time on earth, Jesus assured His disciples that He would return to Earth accompanied by the angels. Learn what this means, and let your heart be filled with overflowing joy as you reflect on this hope!