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Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 2, Chapter 1 --- God Knows Your Name

In this first section, we want to help each child discover the personal love of God. We begin by exploring the experience of human love so that the children can begin to conceive the infinite love of God. Second graders need security. They can also be moody or shy and may think that nobody likes them. In addition, second graders may change friendships frequently. It's important for each child to know that with God there is a great deal of security and stability.

Group activities can be overwhelming for second graders. It is better to allow them to work individually or with a partner. The activities in the Grade 2 Workbook are designed for individual work. The sharing can be done with partners or moderated in a large group setting.

Be sure to create an appropriate environment for the guided Scripture meditation, free from noise and distractions. You may want to use instrumental background music during the meditation to help block distractions. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in what you say and the length of time you spend in the prayer. Be confident that the Lord will, in fact, speak to the hearts of the children. Help the children know that Jesus can be present in this way in their personal prayer time, as well.

As you draw this section to a close, help the children understand that God's love is never-ending and that He really does have a plan for their lives. Help them come to the realization that God wants to help them fulfill this plan, and that it's easy to do so when they open their hearts to Jesus.