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Kerygma 4 Kids - Grade 3, Chapter 1 --- Jesus is Your Shepherd

In this first section, we want to help each child discover the personal love of God. We begin by drawing on a common experience of children: encountering a puppy. Puppies show affection without reservation. Through this analogy, the children can begin to perceive the infinite love of God. Third graders like to feel important in a group. Therefore, it's key for each child to know that while God loves all people, God's love for him or her is very personal. Take time to explore how intimately God knows them.

Reflection questions can be discussed with partners, in small groups, or moderated in a large group setting. How these sessions are facilitated will depend on the size of your group and the number of helpers you have to facilitate discussion. Small groups work best when facilitated by a teen or an adult.

Be sure to create an appropriate environment for the prayer meditation, free from noise and distractions. You may want to use instrumental background music during the meditation to help the children focus. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct you in what you say and the length of time you spend in the prayer. Be confident that the Lord will, in fact, speak to the hearts of the children. Help the children know that Jesus can be present in this way in their personal prayer time, as well.

As you draw this section to a close, help the children understand that God's love is never-ending and that Jesus is calling each one of them to follow Him.