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Adventure Catechism Curriculum Second Grade

Adventure Catechism Curriculum Second Grade

Price: $19.99

The Adventure Catechism curriculum introduces students to important concepts of the Catholic faith in a spiraled approach, building children's knowledge of the faith from year-to-year throughout the series. The series is for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade. The Adventure Catechism is organized in the same manner as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and in accord with the guidelines for religious education from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The series is a companion to the ever-popular Brother Francis Adventure Catechism Videos.


Chapter 1: God and His Creation 

Chapter 2: The Bible 

Chapter 3: The Holy Trinity 

Chapter 4: Made for God 

Chapter 5: Sin Hurts Our Relationship with God 

Chapter 6: Jesus, God Made Man, Came to Save Us 

Chapter 7: Jesus Died for Us 

Chapter 8: Jesus Rose from the Dead 

Chapter 9: The Church 

Chapter 10: Mary is our Mother

Chapter 11: The Sacraments

Chapter 12: Baptism

Chapter 13: The Eucharist

Chapter 14: The Mass

Chapter 15: Receiving the Holy Eucharist

Chapter 16: Reconciliation

Chapter 17: Contrition

Chapter 18: Confession

Chapter 19: Penance

Chapter 20: Making a Good Confessions

Chapter 21: Sacraments of Service: Matrimony

Chapter 22: Sacraments of Service: Holy Orders

Chapter 23: Free Will and Virtues

Chapter 24: Our Conscience

Chapter 25: The Ten Commandments

Chapter 26: The New Commandment

Chapter 27: Loving God and Loving Others

Chapter 28: What is Prayer?

Chapter 29: Learning to Pray

Chapter 30: Prayer Focus