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Divine Mercy Sunday

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Fill In The Blanks

1. Divine Mercy is God's {{2fill}} towards us in spite of our sins.

2. {{2fill}} began having apparitions from Jesus telling her about God's mercy.

3. In the Divine Mercy image, from out of Jesus' chest came two large rays that were {{2fill}}.

4. Jesus asked St. Faustina to paint this image and under it to place the words, "{{2fill}}".

5. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is very simple prayers asking for God's mercy and is said on {{2fill}}.

6. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is especially said on Divine Mercy Sunday and on {{2fill}}.

Answer Options
St. Faustina
Jesus, help me
Jesus, I trust in you
Wednesdays at 11 o'clock
compassion and forgiveness
St. Bernadette
rosary beads
red and white
sacrifice beads
pink and purple
Fridays at 3 o'clock

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