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Fill In The Blanks

Drag and drop the answers to the blanks in the question to play the game...

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  • Correct Answers : 0
  • Blanks Remaining : 6
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  • 1.

    After Adam and Eve sinned, God promised to send {{2fill}}

  • 2.

    The consequences of Adam and Eve's sin are {{2fill}}

  • 3.

    Adam blame his sin to {{2fill}}

  • 4.

    Eve blame her sin to {{2fill}}

  • 5.

    Adam and Eve {{2fill}} after they ate the fruit

  • 6.

    The devil disguise himself as {{2fill}} when he went into the garden

Answer Options
  • The devil
  • They had to leave the garden and death came into the world
  • A Savior
  • hid from God
  • a serpent
  • Eve