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Catholic Prayers

Be with Me Today, O Lord

Be with Me Today, O Lord

May all I do today begin with you, O Lord.

Plant dreams and hopes within my soul,

revive my tired spirit:

be with me today.

May all I do today continue with your help, O Lord.

Be at my side and walk with me:

Be my support today.

May all I do today reach far and wide, O Lord.

My thoughts, my work, my life:

make them blessings for your kingdom;

let them go beyond today,

O God Today is new unlike any other day,

for God makes each day different.

Today God's everyday grace falls on my soul like abundant seed,

though I may hardly see it.

Today is one of those days Jesus promised to be with me,

a companion on my journey,

And my life today, if I trust him,

has consequences unseen.

My life has a purpose.

"I have a mission...

"I am a link in a chain,

a bond of connection between persons.

God has not created me for naught...

Therefore I will trust him.

Whatever, wherever I am, I can never be thrown away.

God does nothing in vain.

"He knows what he is about."

(Author: J. H. Newman)