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Catholic Prayers

Ash Wednesday Prayer

Ash Wednesday Prayer

Jesus, you place on my forehead

the sign of my sister Death:

"Remember you are dust,

and to dust you shall return."

How not hear her wise advice?

One day my life on earth will end;

the limits on my years are set,

though I know not the day or hour.

Shall I be ready to go to meet you?

Let this holy season be a time of grace

for me and all this world.

"Teach us to number our days aright,

that we may gain wisdom of heart."

O Jesus, you place on my forehead

the sign of your saving Cross:

"Turn from sin and be faithful

to the gospel."

How can I turn from sin

unless I turn to you?

You speak, you raise your hand,

you touch my mind and call my name,

"Turn to the Lord your God again."

These days of your favor

leave a blessing as you pass

on me and all your people.

Turn to us, Lord God,

and we shall turn to you.