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September - The Seven Sorrows of Mary

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Fill In The Blanks

1. {{2fill}} is the title we give to Mary when we remember her sufferings or sorrows.

2. At the Presentation, Simeon foretold of Jesus' {{2fill}} and a sword piercing Mary's heart.

3. After Jesus' birth, St. Joseph was told in a dream to take Jesus and His mother and flee to {{2fill}} because King Herod planned to kill the baby.

4. When Jesus was 12 years old, and he remained in Jerusalem, Joseph and Mary searched with great sorrow for {{2fill}} before finding Jesus in the temple.

5. Mary met Jesus as He carried His cross to His {{2fill}} on Calvary.

6. The seventh sorrow of Mary is The {{2fill}}.

Answer Options
Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady of Jesus' Suffering
Passion and death
Finding of Jesus in the Temple
five months
three days
Burial of Jesus

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